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 Anime Expo 2008

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PostSubject: Anime Expo 2008   Tue Jun 24, 2008 5:21 pm

July 3 to 6, I will be going to the Anime Expo here in CA, LA. It's going to have stuff about anime (duh..Razz). They also sell cosplay, manga, anime DVDs, Posters, etc.

I heard that most of the products are imported from Japan, I wouldnt be surprised if some of the products had to do with Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts... maybe something about Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Per se. Thier will also be some famous actors, actresses, singers, and Manga writers attending the Expo. I will try my best to see if i can get their signatures. We might not know them..but oh well, doesnt hurt to ge them anyway.. Razz

I am going to be filming and taking pictures there,i'm not sure if filming is allowed but i believe it is. I will be filiming everything, and if i see something related to FF or KH i will for sure film. (wow, i said filming many times...) :shock:

After i "capture visuals" bawling I will be making a video about it on
i will post the video on the video section here on this site. I will also be putting ONLY the images related to KH and FF here. If you would like to see more, refer to my youtube account: ILUVFFANDKH

About the signatures, i will see if i get some, they will also be on my youtube account, not here.

Of course this will all show up after i go. Thank you for reading Peace
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Anime Expo 2008
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