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 Do you know this?

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PostSubject: Do you know this?   Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:34 am

Hello.burning newer walt disney movies - I am attempting to burn two newer walt disney movies, how's moving castle, and my neighbor totoro. I run them through dvdfab decrypter, but then when I try to load the files in dvd shrink it says: Invalid data in the file loc:vts_07_6.vob(this is for howl i think it is 07_3 for totoro)I have tried running it through vobblanker, but it gives me the same error after processing the whole disc.Another thing that happens is that when vobblanker is reading the files (not proessing just loading the fiels at the begining) it says:There are at least one multiangle (UNSUPPORTED) Cell.The VTSs containging these cells have been marked as SKIP.It just so happens that this is VTS_07_*With it skipped or not dvdshrink gives the same error.So does this mean that this sector dvdshrink cant read and that vobblanker cant process it?normally the dvds i burn happen to be older and I just use dvd shrink by itself, I have used vobblanker before, but maybe I am not using it right. You can just process everything and it should work fine?If anyone has any suggestions on what I am doing wrong or tryin another method, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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Do you know this?
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