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 Deep Waters

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PostSubject: Deep Waters   Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:10 am

Axel darted through the water like an arrow. He had to meet his destination... fast. He peered across the field of sea grass. 'Where is it... where is it?!' a shiny crystal caught his eye. 'aha!' he quickly swam towards it. He picked up the crystal carefully not wanting to disturb its power. "now to the sea witch..." He grumbled swimming fast through the oceans currents. His long and slim body squeezed through a couple of rocks as he entered the lair.

"Your different then what i suspected" she smiled at him with that ugly smile. "More beautiful!" her sea serpents hissed at what she said. He was turned into a when he entered this world. He was more like half shark half nobody. His lower half was a grayish blue, with a red tint to it. With a large shark fin on his tail bone.

He grinned at the sea witch. "Thanks Now can we get down to business?"

Hola peoples. Whats up? I'm dig doggin' diggy. Dang. O_O XDDDDD
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PostSubject: Re: Deep Waters   Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:26 am

Xigbar swam around trying to find out where he was going. When he entered the world he became part angler. His lower half was now short and he had a light coming from his ponytail.
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Deep Waters
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