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 Dante Hyubasi

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PostSubject: Dante Hyubasi   Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:45 am

~Basic info~

Behind every great individual, there is that voice which keeps them going onward and toward their next great adventure. [/center]

Username ~ Dante

Other characters ~ No

Is this character canon? No

Link to canon thread ~

~Character Info~

Waking up in the morning, your thoughts are cluttered. It takes a moment for you to fully become aware of your surroundings, but once you do, everything about your life comes back to you.[/center]

Name ~ Dante Hyubasi

Age ~ 18

Birthplace ~ Destiny Islands

Birthday ~ December 1st

Gender ~ Male

Race ~ Human


As you are heading out the door of your house, a small glimmer of light catches your eye. You turn around and see a mirror, putting you face to face with your reflection.[/center]

Physical appearance ~ Dante is a tall, skinny fellow that almost matches Jack Skellington in height. Dante measures to exactly 6'3 and weighs to about 171 lbs. Being this skinny and tall, people usually mistake him for having an eating disorder, but in all reality, he eats more than he can hold on most nights at dinner, not to mention the two other meals in his daily diet. His legs and arms are both somewhat skinny, giving him the similar figure of Jack, but much thicker than his bony self. The legs offer him the speed he has now while his arms offer him the strength of a beast, which is pretty scary for most people, seeing a tall, skinny person take down a buffalo with two slashes of a sword.

His hair is a sleek, midnight black color that comes down to at least the back of his neck and it dangles over his deep, hazel eyes. There's nothing really special about his face or anything except that his eyes change color periodically, changing from a brownish green, to a deep mahogany to a dark redish color. Also, on his right hand is the symbol of the Nobody symbol changing into a Heartless symbol every now and then. Nothing fuels its change, it just happens.

Clothing/Accessories ~ Dante's upper body consists of two shirts; one a long sleeve shirt and the second being a short sleeved shirt. The long sleeve shirt is pretty loose, but tight in the same way. A Nobody decal is printed on the back to remind him of his past, along with the Heartless decal printed on the back of his darkish blue overshirt.
His bottom half is covered by a pair of baggy gray pants with a single hole in the right knee. A pair of black shoes are covering his feet, the laces hidden inside of the shoe to give a cooler look.

His accessories are pretty simple. A small, silver chain hangs around his right pocket. A white wrist band hangs around his right wrist, a blue stripe going through the band.


As you're walking through the door, you see many sights that influence your mood. The different feelings that suddenly wash over you are many, leaving you with a strange mix of emotions.[/center][/b]

Alignment ~ Neutral

Behavior ~ Dante is a tough and mature young man with many thoughts on his mind. He has the tendency to be quiet and distant at times until someone sparks up a conversation, seeing as how he has weird habit of starting on the wrong topic. He seems to always be filled with a pain filled agony, yet he seems so content with what he has. He usually looks out of the window of a house or even a train or car, his hand on his chin and part of his mouth.

Dante can also be pretty tough and scary looking at times. He hates to be asked something more than twice by anyone, hoping that by the second time he doesn't answer, they'll go away. He defends anyone in need, evil or not, which is something his mother taught him while he was little. She told him to hate no one and to protect anyone, no matter what the circumstance.

His mind is filled with thoughts of going back home to see everyone again and how to get there, which is usually the reason he keeps quiet a lot. As he usually says, "I'm a man with a thousand words... with nothing to write them on." All in all, he's a very caring person with few enemies after his head.
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PostSubject: Re: Dante Hyubasi   Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:54 am

Dante was at the age of 16 at the time and he had no idea of what was going to happen on the night of the great storm. He was currently studying for the next exam he had to take for the class. A large book, one with fresh pages, sat on top of his desk. The exam was all about English, one of his favorite subjects. It was about the history of English, the usage and then there was a Free Write section at the end where you could write about anything you wanted to write about, even fantasy! He just had to study as hard as possible to pass this, he couldn't let his skills of English go to waste by getting a low score on the exam! He just wouldn't allow it! He had recently eaten dinner, beeftips and rice, a filling meal for him. He was on page 241 of 1000 pages, so as you can see, it was huge.

Dante had heard a noise when he turned the page. It wasn't a crackle of a turning page, but the loud, evil howling of the wind. He, out of pure curiousity, opened his window and saw the huge orb of darkness. He gasped as something floated inside of it, disappearing. He attempted to close his window, but after he came back insde of the house, everything went black. He had no idea what had just happened, but he was sure that, whatever it was, something much more dangerous was going to happen sooner or later. Dante fell asleep after awhile, knowing that this may be the last time he might sleep.

Something called for him. It sounded much like a witches voice, like on from an old movie... and then, he woke up to a light. He was feeling mildly warm as he opened his eyes, searching the room that he was placed in. It was completely blank, just white, nothing else. He sighed as he sat up. There was nothing he could do at the moment, he was just glad to be alive. But what about his parents?His friends? He roared in despair as he hit his fist on the white wall. At that instant, a door opened and a beautiful woman burst through.

The woman had golden blond hair and pale skin. She was what most men dreamed of; the perfect woman, but she was not it... at least to him, she wasn't. She knelt down beside his bed and looked up at him with her jewel like eyes of sapphire and spoke, "Young sir... why do you beat the walls so angrily? Are you sad? Bored? Please, tell me. I am to give you full pleasure while the Madam is away on a meeting." The woman stood up with her hands locked together in front of her. Dante looked away, anger filling his heart. "I have no need of your assistance. You need only tell me where and who this Madam is of yours." "Why, the Madam is the lord of this place. She controls the darkness of this small world, while my sister controls the light. I am my Madam's servant, even though I'm the sister of light... Madam is in a meeting with a special someone, so I'll..." "Ah, so you're finally awake. Well, better get up. We've got a lot of work to do." The Madam interupted the woman's words and pulled Dante from his bed chamber and guided him into a room filled with books and desks, closing the door behind her as the two arrived inside.

"You're a lucky one, you know? You weren't completely taken in by the darkness... Hmhmhm... You appeared at my doorstep, so I took you in. It would be rude of me not to. I may be the Ruler of Darkness in this world, but I'm not a complete witch." The Madam rambled on as Dante looked around the room. "Well, since I was the one who picked you up, you're now mine to own, so I'll make you my apprentice. You have no say in the matter, so it's official. You'll be starting tomorrow as a warrior of darkness and you'll be trained by me to be the first male ruler of darkness in this world.. after I die, of course."

"Um... if you don't mind me asking... What happened to Destiny Islands? Is it... "No, it's gone. Boom, Nadda, Zip. You're mine now, so you'll abide by my rules and will talk only when you're spoken to, is that correct?"

This may be my only ticket out of this place, so I'll have no choice but to say yes.

"Urm... Sure.

A month later
"Release the darkness in your heart to defeat these creatures. Stop wasting time! You're so pitiful!" Dante was to tired to go on after that last wave of heartless. His heart pounded against his chest as his breathing became rough. His body was drenched in sweat, his hair sticking to his face. He couldn't go on without dieing. It was just impossible. He didn't know what Madam meant by "Release the darkness in your heart". He only knew that to survive, he had to destroy these heartless that she kept sending at him.

Madam brought her left hand up to summon at least ten NeoShadows. Dante groaned in pain as he stood up to face these new heartless. He did what he could and dashed over to one of the Neoshadows and slashed, but he was cut off by two that were coming from the ground. They lunged at him from below and shot him backwards onto his back. That was when all of the NeoShadows jumped on top of him, each wanting his Heart.

Madam looked displeased as she turned around to go back to the manor. She thought that Dante would be the cut above the rest, but sadly, he wasn't. Madam sighed as she walked forward, but she stopped when she felt the dark presence of evil behind her. From there, Dante shot all heartless away from him, killing them all as they fell backwards. Soul Eater was in Dante's right hand while his body was covered in a skin tight, almost latex like suit. He was outlined in a dark, deep black and purple aura. That was his energy. This was truly the darkness in his heart. He had so much. How could he possibly be so calm all of the time? Madam clapped as Dante blasted a hole through the training area, walking through with nothing else on his mind other than how he would kill Madam and how to escape from this place.

Chain of Memories
Quiet was the only word to describe this castle he was sent to. Madam had been recording this strange power for a good time, and then suddenly, she said, it dissapeared, so she sent one of the apprentices to go. Dante insisted upon choosing him, he only wanted to get out of Madam's Manor, so he was overjoyed when she chose him. He was searching the walls and rooms of this place called Castle Oblivion. It was... Terrifying? He had searched high and low in every room, but couldn't find a thing.

Something must've happened here, something dangerous maybe? There was no recorded items detailing anything about what had happened, although he did find a few pink petals on the ground, but he quickly placed them back to their spots. All throughout the search of the building, he had been feeling this strong presence, something dreadful that weighed his body down. It was unusual and sort of scary-like, but he didn't let it get to him. He searched every room once more, just to make sure he hadn't missed anything important. He even searched the basement levels, but nothing was located there either. He took a deep breath and kicked the wall hard.

Stupid crap. Madam was probably playing a joke on him, watching him from afar. That's the presence he was feeling. Madam was watching him from her chamber. He calmed himself down and went back to the thirteenth floor of Castle Oblivion, seeing now what looked like to be a giant door. He was hesitant at opening it, but he did anyways and stepped inside. He was awe struck. Destiny Islands was... back!

Dante laughed and felt the water in his hands, hearing the sound of his boots crunching across the sand, breathing the fresh sea air. He was loving this place. Whoever sent him here was to be thanked with extreme gratitude. He saw everyone over near the shore on the other side of the beach and he ran towards them. He was so glad to see them, but when he got near them, they looked at him weirdly. They didn't recognize him. "G-Guys... It's me. Dante! Your old friend!" One of the kids remarked with a snooty comment as everyone walked away. Why didn't the recognize him. He had been so good to them, taking all of the blame whenever they got in trouble... but no.

Dante slowly made his way to the Paoupou tree and sat on its branch, staring out into the open sea. Nothing was the same. It never would be the same. Ever. He was so angry. So ticked. He roared in pain of is heart as he smashed his fist into the tree. He took a fruit from the tree and threw it on the ground, stabbing it multiple times until he got tired. The myth about the fruit was fake. It didn't do anything. He roared again before throwing the fruit out into the sea. Instead of the normal splash when an object hit the water, out came the thing. It was the same thing that he saw that night. It was a giant heartless, no doubt, and it was huge.

So this was what tore him from his parents... his friends... his island... his love. He summoned Soul Eater back to his hand and prepared to fight the being. He already had a plan on how to defeat it, so he let the heartless have the first move. As the beast slammed its fist into the earth, Dante stabbed its hand and then, with the blade still piercing the being, he ran up the arm and released the blade when he got to the shoulder. Dante jumped high above the Heartless and fell down, stabbing Soul Eater directly into the head of the monster. He did the same thing as he did before, he kept the blade in the beast's skin and ran down the body. When Dante appeared on the ground, he lifted his right hand and shot balls of dark energy at the heartless, destroying it and sending Dante back to Castle Oblivion.

Dante was now more ticked than ever. He roared with deep agony in his heart. He would never be able to find anyone again. All was lost now. Nothing mattered except for mastering his hold on Darkness. He pounded his fists against the wall and shot energy at the floor and around the room, creating a pillar of darkness in the middle of the facility, a scorch mark on both the floor and ceiling. He took deep breaths as his heart pounded against his chest. He decided that it wasn't worth the time to destroy something over what happened in the past, so he left the building and took one last look at the Castle before teleporting back to Madam's Manor.
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PostSubject: Re: Dante Hyubasi   Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:54 am

One Year Lapse
Dante swung his sword as he waited for his opponent. He was sent here with Madam for something called "The Apprentice Wars" which sounded pretty fun to Dante. He had defeated all of his opponents so far, and now he was at the finals. Madam was pleased with the progress that Dante was making. His next opponent would be from the Light side of the world, yet another easy kill. Dante yawned as Madam teleported away, revealing his next opponent. The man was clad in golden armor, a katana resting on his back. He was taller than Dante. Wow. He looked buff, but Dante shrugged his shoulders and twirled Soul Eater in his hand bringing it down in a slashing movement. "You are corrupted by darkness, young boy. Let me save you with my light. Redemption!" A blinding beam of light shot from the man's hand, but Dante was quick enough to get away with no scratch at all. Dante shot a ball of dark fire at the man, who grabbed it and threw it on the ground. "Such a party pooper! Die! Shadow Melody!" The ground was covered in musical measures as Dante conducted with his right hand. Blasts of Darkness suddenly shot from under the ground as the man tried to run away. The apprentice of light could take a few hits, but he stumbled and fell onto the ground. The measures went away as Dante walked forward to meet the man. He stomped on his head with his right foot and laughed. this was the power of light, eh? Dante suddenly flew back, crashing against a nearby wall. The man was playing around.

He stumbled on purpose, that bastard. Dante shook off some of the pain and summoned Soul Eater back to his hand. He had an angry look in his eyes. He wanted to kill. "Foolish boy. You think that I'll be so easy to finish. I am the ultimate apprentice of light! Now you'll respect my presence! God's Light!" Dante laughed hard before dashing behind the man. He smiled as he shoved Soul Eater in the man's armor. It pierced! A few drips of blood were dripping from the blade as he pulled it out. Dante didn't hit any vital points, but he knew now that a good stab would do the trick if he wanted to remove the guy's defense. The man laughed as a light formed over head. A myriad of beams shot down, hitting Dante. He flew back and landed roughly as he rolled in the dust.

This guy was tough, no doubt, but he didn't care, Dante stood up as slowly as possible to regain balance before summoning a giant beam of darkness at the man, who, in return, shot a beam of light to counter. The attacks didn't stay up for long before both apprentices shot up in the air and fought with slashes, punches and kicks. They floated in mid air for about as long as possible before slamming each other into the ground. They started back up, but on the ground this time.

At last, they were locked into a test of strength, their blades interlocked with each other. The man of light gathered energy into his palm and shoved iti nto Dante's chest, Dante still not giving up. As Dante's final move, he pushed back on the sword and dashed up to lunge his hand into the man's face. "You're so full of yourself! Now, feed on my darkness! You'll soon be dead!" The man flailed around wildly, trying to remove Dante from his face, but it was no use. The darkness was already seeping in and the man finally went down, but not without hitting Dante with a magic of light. With that spell, Dante dissappeared, still claiming the winner.


Dante yawned as he floated in the abyss of nothingness. All was gray and black, nothing else. He couldn't laugh, or feel pain. He couldn't feel a single emotion, nor could he think of anything interesting. He stared into the abyss with his blank stare as a voice echoed through the nothingness. So, you're finally awake, I see. Well, better get on to buissiness. You have a rare choice, my friend. With all of the darkness in your heart, you can become a heartless...hahahaha. You're void of emotion, so you can also be a Nobody. Choose, fast, I've got other fish to fry. "A little quick to get rid of me, aren't we... sigh.... well... I'll choose human. Give me back my emotions and my memories. Now." Ooooo, no can do my friend. You'll be setting fire to the buildings if you got those memories of controlling darkness back... although restrictions never did hurt... Okay, but know that you'll be branded with a symbol... or two... anyways, bye, bye!

Dante was blinded by a bright light and he was then teleported to a place that was soothing, soome place that was unique. He stood up from where he had landed and he looked around a little bit more. It was a nice place, very old looking, but nice. He searched around a little bit more and saw a good number of people walking around and thought to himself, Am I really gona fit in with what I'm wearing.... Guess I could... Dante walked out from the alley that he had landed in and smiled. Nothing to much to be afraid about. All of these people seemed extremely nice. He took a good look around and saw many buildings with bright, neon lights, something that you didn't see very often. Dante took a seat on one of the stairs and rubbed the back of his neck, laughing softly to himself as he did so.

The night sky lingered on as the stars played in the darkish embrace. Dante was sipping some coffee, something he had recently decided to try, and he loved it! It had been two years since he had been sucked in to all of this mess, but he was glad it all happened. He had grown stronger, much more mature than he once was, and he liked that. He also remembered all of his times with Madam and how he controlled the darkness, but, unfortunately, he couldn't remember how to use it all that well, so he used what he could to his advantage. He forgot how to do the whole portal thing, too, which ticked him off, but hey, what can you do. He remembered what a World was, Madam had taught him a lot about that. He took another sip of coffee and sighed. He only wished to know about Destiny Islands. He didn't care if no one recongnized him, he just wanted to be back with his parents and his siblings. Hopefully something would come up soon, hopefully.... hopefully.
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Dante Hyubasi
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