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 Axel's information

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PostSubject: Axel's information   Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:58 pm

Name: Axel

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Blood type: O-

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Red

Height: 5'9

Weight: -

Standing: Dark, leaning towards light

Strengths: Axel is loyal and protective of his friends. Though he is a hot-headed person, that usually tends to help him by keeping him strong. He is a master of fire, which is the most powerful element there is. He knows what he wants out of life.

Weaknesses: Axel is loyal to his friends, but not so far as to put himself in front of gunpoint for them. He is hot-tempered, so he doesn't usually think before he leaps. If someone ticks him off, then they should be prepared for all-out war. Doesn't want to feel emotions.

[His strengths are his weaknesses, but some people are like that]

Personality: As previously stated, Axel is a hot-headed person. He's strong willed, and fights for what he believes in. He's a fun person, one who likes to joke around. And is always up for a party. But on the down side, he can get depressing.

Bio: Axel was always a lonely child, barely ever making friends. But when he did, he was loyal to them to a 'T'. But after being betrayed by a well-thought-of friend, Axel started to give into the darkness. Before he knew it, Axel was no longer a normal person, but instead, a Nobody. Bent on returning to what he once was, one with emotions and feelings, Axel joined the Organization.

Axel, #8 of Organization 13, became friends with #13 Roxas, the wielder of two Keyblades. But then Roxas left to find himself and the secrets of his past, though Axel tried to talk him out of it. After Roxas was captured, Axel was sent after him to bring him back. Finding that his friend didn't remember him, Axel grew mad at him. But in the end, he too turned his back on the Organization, with no small thanks to Sora. Now he wonders around trying to find himself just like his friend.

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Axel's information
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