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 Nothing Returns

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PostSubject: Nothing Returns   Tue Dec 23, 2008 3:23 am

At the top of the market street station tower, in endless sunset opens a dark portal, a cloaked figure steps out, his face covered by a dark hood. "So. This was his town." Whispers the cloaked man as he looks around, he then says "I should of came myself back then instead of sending Axel to find him". He gives out an evil laughs and removes his hood, silver hair, orange/red eyes, his appearance showed that he was the leader of organization XIII, Xemnas. Then speaks again, "But this time i wont need the Keyblades chosen one to form my kingdom hearts!". Xemnas turns away as he summons his loyal nobody dusks.
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PostSubject: Re: Nothing Returns   Tue Dec 23, 2008 5:05 am

Atop of Sunset Hill the mysterious stranger, Genesis sits atop gazing at the sunset with his favoured book Loveless by his side, before a dark presence within him starts to show again. "This feeling. The feeling of nothing, the being with no purpose, heart or feeling. Is there another monster out there like me, with no dreams or honour?"

Genesis walks hastily like as if something was calling back to him. Towards Market Street Station he finds himself surrounded by a gastly group of white monsters, the likes he has never seen before. "What are these?" A smirk apears on his face quite smugly. "No matter. 'There is no hate, only joy'" Mentioning a quote from Loveless as he readys his blade for battle.

After a Quick and short battle Genesis calls out to the strange cloaked figure. "Those monsters. Your smilar to them arnt you? To me. We share the same thing. Not a dream but a goal"
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Nothing Returns
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