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 Roxas needs a make-over!! (Just for fun)

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PostSubject: Roxas needs a make-over!! (Just for fun)   Sat Nov 22, 2008 1:16 pm

"Ughh! Roxas, I am SICK of this. Your clothes have GOT to change!!" A furious and more-than-unhappy Olette folded her arms across her chest, once again reprimanding the unfashionable young man that was sitting on the bench at the skate park. Roxas stood up, fist clenched at his side. "What exactly do you have against the way I dress?!" he barked, furrowing his eyebrows at the girl. She gave him a "you-know-exactly-what" looked at him that further ticked the boy off.

"Just look at you!! Ripped jeans, really, REALLY old tennis shoes -- "

"They're SKATER shoes, wise one. And they happen to be Vans, for a matter of fact! These shoes could last me forever!"

"They're disgustingly old, Roxas. And they're huge!!"

"That's the way they're supposed to be!!"

"You can get a new pair of shoes that don't look so worn out, but you have to change!"

"Says you! What do I care what you say?!" Well actually, he did care. He actually cared a lot, considering he had been harboring a crush on Olette since the fifth grade. He usually got along with Olette really well, but for about three months she had been getting on him about the clothes he wore and how he looked. Roxas happened to think the way he dressed was fine, so when she began to critique his style he got a little edgy, and now it was becoming personal. Roxas hate to fight, but more than he hated to fight he hated to lose that fight. He was determined to not let Olette get away with taking shots at his looks.

"You should care! Don't you think it's time to finally look decent when you go out?"

"Who's to say I don't look decent??"


"Hey, what's going on?" Asked Sora, as he and Riku walked over towards the two who were nearly screaming at each other. Sora took another lick of his sea salt ice cream and cocked his head to the side, prompting Riku to ruffle his hair.

"Olette thinks that I need to change the way I dress."

Sora and Riku tried to suppress their smiles but they didn't do well on their own, so Sora stuffed his ice cream in his mouth as Riku faked a sneeze. Roxas rolled his eyes. So much for best friends!

"Well, I wouldn't say you look horrible, Roxas," Riku began politely, stuffing his hands in his pockets. Riku was wearing a dark blue colored feather-stuffed vest over a tight fitting white shirt, topped off with baggy, dark blue jeans. His accessories included a studded belt, a pair of Vans (though no matter how long he had them, they always looked brand-new), and a wristband with a belt-like strap. He had his favorite pair of headphones around his neck. Roxas had to admit, Riku had a pretty nice, casual yet clean style. He blushed and took a sip of his Cola to keep his mind off of things.

"Yeah? Well thanks. That doesn't seem to change Olette's mind," he grumbled, and Riku ran his fingers through his hair with a chuckle. "Sorry buddy."

"If it helps, I don't think you look so bad!" Sora chrirped, and Roxas looked over at Sora quickly. He was wearing a short-sleeved plaid, button-up shirt over a white shirt with a smiley face on it. He also had on his favorite pair of jean-shorts that were a bit baggy on him. His choice of shoes were a pair of Converse sneakers that he wore sock-less despite his mother's constant begging to wear socks so that his feet would stop getting blisters. And of course, he had on his trademark necklace. Ugh, I guess even Sora dresses better than I do.

"I never thought he looked bad, but he could do SO much better!" Olette whined, tapping her foot on the ground. "I know someone people try and don't look quite right, but Roxas never tries -- he just don't plain care about anything!"

"Hey if I didn't care, I would leave the house stark nak -"

"ENOUGH! You're getting an make-over, whether you like it or not!"

Uh oh, she did it! She used the words "make-over". These terms we among Roxas' most hated because, well, he was a guy.

"DID YOU JUST SAY... 'MAKE-OVER'?!!?!" he hollered, and as fast as he could Riku wrapped his arms around from behind Roxas to keep him from getting to Olette. "C'mon man," Riku groaned, dragging Roxas back a bit. "She has a point!!"


"Roxas, calm down!" commanded Riku, who was quickly becoming angry himself. "Besides, this could be a fun, in a weird girly sort of way."


"I'll give you anything you want if you do it."

Roxas stopped shoved and kicking, and he pouted. "Bribery. My own best friend is bribing me to go to the mall on a stupid shopping spree because she thinks I have to have a make-over."

"I'm your friend too!" Olette shouted, though she smiled to herself. Roxas was slowly losing.

"There is NOTHING in the world that could convince me to do this!!"

"Are you sure there's nothing we can do to convince you, Roxas?" Riku swooned in his ear, looking at Olette with a smile. Roxas looked up at Riku, dumbfounded.

"I know I can be bossy," Olette said, putting her hands behind her back. "I'm sorry for being so mean about it. But it would mean the world to me if you did this for me, Roxas..." Riku released his hold on Roxas as Olette took a couple steps toward him, who gave Roxas a flirt-like wink. Roxas swallowed. Okay... uh... she's acting totally different now... oh crap, this can't be good... but she seems to be nice again...

"You know what? I'll buy you something you like for each store we stop by to get you new things to wear. I'll even pay for meals," Olette suggested, making Roxas' stomach growl.

"And we can always stop by the arcade after we're done!" Sora chirped, putting his finger in the air. "I'll even buy snacks when we're there!"

Sora looked at all of them, knowing there was nothing he could do to refuse their offers. "Well," he began, swallowing again as he looked at Olette, who flashed him his favorite smile. "Well... erm... well, okay. I'll do anything you want." Then he quicky clarfied. "But you can't buy anything stupid for me to wear, got it?! It's gotta be something I'll wear."

"YESSS!" Olette cried happily, immediately taking out her phone. She typed something really fast, and in no time others arrived: There was Kairi, Demyx, Axel, Squall, and many others. Roxas' face immediately turned red. "G-guys, what's going on...?"

"Well," Olette began. "I told everyone that I was getting tired of your boring clothes, so I asked everyone to help me out to change that! Riku and Sora told me they would help me stage this act so that they could convince you to agree with us. And now you have to go through with it, because I told everyone you were 'ok' with the idea, and I do have your promise."


"What can I say??" Sora asked, shrugging his shoulders. "She did have a point. And she said she would buy me all the food I could eat if I did!"


Kairi chuckled. "Oh Roxas! Sometimes you can be so short-tempered, I swear!" She looked at Namine', who smiled back at her. "I can't wait to find the perfect outfit for you to wear!"

"And what about you!!" Roxas cried, pointing his finger at Axel. Axel smirked back at him. "What? I have nothing better to do. Besides, I happen to love the idea of taking my best friend to the mall to help him get some better duds to wear. Try to hate me all you want, Roxy. But you can't win this!" Axel grinned with a certain sparkle in his eyes.

"I don't really care either way," Squall replied, running his fingers in his air. "I'm just doing this because Cloud and I were already going to be hanging out at the mall when Olette asked me to help."

Olette grabbed Roxas happily, putting her arms around her neck. "I'm so excited, I can't even wait!" she cooed, and Roxas couldn't help but smile. He hated the idea but at least Olette would be happy.

"So what are we waiting for?" Kairi said, throwing her hair behind her shoulder with a smile. "Let's get this show on the road!"


SO HERE'S THE DEAL: Roxas needs a make-over. (Well I don't really think so, but this is for you guys to have a chance to have some fun!!) If this were a normal RP, you guys would reply as your characters to the storyline. But this isn't your normal RP! Actually, this doesn't have to be an RP at all. Your job is to help out Roxas and give him a make-over in any way you want to:

- You could reply to this thread like an RP with your character and other characters taking Roxas to the mall and helping him get some new clothes. Since this is open to your imagination you can control all the characters and their every aspect as you wish (so long as the person who controls the actual character doesn't mind)

- You could reply on another thread

- You could post up a comic you drew with your character taking Roxas to the mall

- You could post pictures of different outfits you would dress Roxas in

- You could even make a movie where you either re-enact the skit above with your own written storyline attached or just a cosplay vid with Roxas wearing different outfits

These are some ideas, but there's no limit really; it's all up to you. You could even do all of these or just some of them together! Just have fun and come up with something creative, and post your ideas here! There are no winners or losers, though if anyone wants to make this into a contest that can be in order as well.

If you have any questions or comments please do not reply to this post; please message me. I want this thread to be of creativity alone. And do not post your comments about other's work; message the person without replying to their post, that way this can be a thread for all to read through and enjoy.

P.S. - I ALMOST FORGOT!! Inspiration for the outfit Riku wears (described above) are from these pictures:

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Roxas needs a make-over!! (Just for fun)
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