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 Riku's Information

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Name:: Riku
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PostSubject: Riku's Information   Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:20 pm

- Name -

- Age -

- Gender -

- Eye Color -

- Hair Color -

- Height -

- Standing -

Riku is a rather level headed person; you won't be seeing him panic in the middle of battle. He's a reliable friend, ready to protect and fight for them if they ever need them (once he stopped running from them, that is). He's confident, both in demenor and in his decisions. Once he sets his mind to a course of action, he's willing to follow it through and accept all the good and the bad that comes from the decision.

- Weaknesses -
Riku is self-sacrificing when it comes to his friends, never endangering his life, per se, but doesn't really seem to care about his immediate mental (and emotional) health. Up until the ablity was lost to him, he relied far too much on the power of darkness, and if it ever came down to needing it to protect Kairi or Sora, he would most likely use it again, if the option were available, with little regard to his own well being. He's a very proud person, and would rather hide himself away than to be seen in a disgraceful position. He also finds it hard to ask for help when he does mess up.

- Personality -
Riku has become a rather calm and collected person; his over self confidence falling away as he's matured over the last year. A part of him still longs for more than what his life on Destiny Islands can offer, but he'll never forsake what he has already to find it. He's the type of person that would sacrifice his emotion and mental well being to protect those close to him, although he would never sacrifice his life. Riku is also a proud person, and doesn't like to fall for grace, or to be seen in such a state when he does fall. He finds it hard to rely on other people, although he does know the worth of fighting with others to protect something.

- Bio -
Riku was born and raised on group of islands named Destiny Islands. As a young child, Riku was rather adventurous. He took to Sora, another child on the islands, and the two became best friends. The boys became inseparatable, always thrilled to play and explore the islands together. They even turned a rather creepy cave into their club house of sorts, dubbing the cave as theirs and promising to keep the discovery to themselves.

Riku was never satisfied with the world as it was, and after Kairi's mysterious arrival, began to question the more larger questions in life: Why are we here? What else is out there? His thirst for answers eventually lead to allowing himself to be taken by the darkness, landing him in Hollow Bastion.

In the corrupt Hollow Bastion he met Maleficent, a evil witch who promised the answers to his questions. She lead him further and further down the path of darkness, telling him he was the real Keyblade Master and pitting him against Sora repeatedly before Riku out-and-out turned against Sora. It was in his battle with Sora that Riku realized that Sora's heart had indeed become stronger than his. Unable to accept this, he foolishly accepted a dark stranger's promise for power, a decision that cost him dearly.

Having lost his body to Ansem, Riku wandered the World of Darkness. He might have lost himself completely, if not for Mickey reaching out to him and saving him. Riku learned his lesson and was willing to sacrifice himself to help Sora close the door to Kingdom Hearts, where he remained until he found himself in the lowest basement of Castle Oblivion.

Castle Oblivion tested Riku's resolve, dredging up the lingering darkness in his heart and tempting him with power. Again, with King Mickey's help, Riku held strong, and was able to overcome Ansem's temptation. Eventually, he worked his way to the thirteenth floor of Castle Oblivion, where he met Naminé and discovered that Sora and his group had agreed to sleep until their memories could be restored.

Around the same time, DiZ entered the picture, having his own ideals of how things should and shouldn't be. Believing him to be correct, Riku agreed to help him, if it would help Sora - even though Riku eventually forgot Sora with everyone else. DiZ used Riku's devotion to his own uses, sending Riku to capture Sora's Nobody, Roxas. It was during one of his fights with the Nobody, that Riku realized, as he was, that he could never defeat Roxas. Again he allowed the darkness into his heart - transforming his appearance into that of the Heartless, Ansem - and was finally able to capture Roxas.

Around the same time as Sora's awakening, Riku was given the order to have Naminé eliminated by DiZ. Riku defied the order and DiZ, allowing Naminé to escape with Axel before leaving Twilight Town himself. Over the course of Sora's adventure, he helped Sora out here and there, never sticking around long enough to get caught by Sora. He would have continued to do so, until Naminé revealed the truth to Kairi. It was later Kairi that revealed to Sora that his suspicions had indeed been true, and despite his appearance, the mysterious person that he been helping him had indeed been Riku.

Riku did not regain his appearance again, until DiZ's failed attempt to turn the collected hearts into data backfired. The explosion also dispelled the remaining darkness in Riku's heart, leaving him unable to control it any longer.

In the end, Riku helped Sora bring down Xemnas, which heavily weakened Riku and stranded Sora and Riku in the World of Darkness. The two boys didn't waste their alone time together. The time alone gave the two to repair the damage to their friendship.

Just as they were about to accept their fates, Kairi's letter finally found it's way to Sora, helping them open the door back home, seeming for good. Although Riku's thirst for answers had been quenched, a small part of him still longed for something more than the simple life he'd returned to. Just as he was coming to accept that things weren't going to change, Kairi arrived announcing the arrival King Mickey's letter. Shortly afterward, Sora, then Kairi, disappeared. Unwilling to let them face whatever is ahead alone, Riku too, has set out to find his two missing friends.
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PostSubject: Riku's Information   Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:47 pm

ah...Riku hi!-very interesting page!
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Riku's Information
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