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 Hey People! Read this!! XD

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Keyblade master

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PostSubject: Hey People! Read this!! XD   Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:26 pm

Alright so this site just DIED. Not even joking! We need wayyy more ppl to join serioulsy O.o We need this site to come back to life!! It keeps coming alive then dying then on and on and on. But anyways..YEAHH.

Anyways. On November 1st Im having a Kingdom Hearts B-day Party. (turning 17 XP) Haha and all meh friends (including RIku ) Are dressing up as Sora, Riku, Axel and Roxas. Its gonna be fantasticness!!!!!!!! I might have pics up but ya know. Halloweens coming!! Its gonna be awesomeness!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDD

Anyways. Keep this site alive and keep Role playing! We can even do that story thing Yuff's thought of XP We can start on that!!

Ok wow this is like the longest message Ive ever typed haha. But anyways... BLARGHHHHHHHHH!! XD Very Happy

Write back to this is you have questions pirat

Yeahhhhhhhhhh Thats right.........Im out.

-Sora emberassed


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PostSubject: Re: Hey People! Read this!! XD   Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:12 pm

oh yay! my name's mentioned lol xDDDD

yesh! i would love to see pics of u guys!! like on halloween!! and dude a KH party!! FREAKIN LUCKY BUTT!!! no one at ma skool, plays it..neither FF..only like one gurl, n she not even interested... TT.TT

lol..but yep! KEEP ROLE PLAYIN! (i should say that to ma self, havent posted in a while) so soweeee
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Hey People! Read this!! XD
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